safety as a core value

Recognize safe behaviors. Reinforce them when you see them. Reap the rewards.

Safety safety does.

"You can catch more flies with honey that you can with vinegar."

This adage is true of most behavioral change initiatives, but especially true when developing safe behaviors in the workplace as a cultural core value. Positive reinforcement is the single most powerful tool in our arsenal for eliciting and maintaining the desired behavior.

BRANDSWAGR has considerable expertise in developing behavior change programs, in general, but some of our best work is in safe workplace behaviors. We work with you to assess cultural attitudes specific to safety, identify the behaviors that place your culture in jeopardy, then work with you to develop a program that recognizes and acknowledges those behaviors when they are observed.

Union Pacific reduced personal injuries 15-30% in every division by combining positive reinforcement with compelling communication.

BRANDSWAGR works seamlessly with many organizations creating cultural impact by blending expertise in positive reinforcement strategies, creative use of branded merchandise, and compelling communication. Call us, we'll show you how.

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