Our Work

We are always on a quest for the "ooh-and-aah-worthy"!

Our Work

Prolific Pondering. Daydreaming. Loose, unstructured thinking with no particular goal in mind, just let it flow. Add in a healthy appreciation for the irregular and an eye for the odd, and we're off to a good start.

But that's just the beginning.

Then, we let the facts hit the fan. Adapt and distill. Creative confrontation. Where ideas collide in an epic struggle for supremacy. Is it on message? Is it on budget? Is it on brand?

If you would like more detail on any of our work, click here. We would be happy to present the full picture.

Honor the Tomato

BRANDSWAGR created a campaign for food service and worked with a local artisan to design and produce hand-painted sauce bowls with creative copy to pay homage to the humble tomato. The package included Chef recipes featuring the tomato as the base ingredient.

Brand Re-Launch

A Desk Top Bean Bag Toss game was a sure fire way to get the Round Rock Express' re-brand in front of their key sponsors. Full size regulation game platforms we also produced to provide fun & games at the announcement event.

Leadership Development

BRANDSWAGR created a leadership communication program based on "navigating the ceaseless river of change". Among other cultural artifacts, river stones were laser-etched with required leadership skills serving as the foundation for the communication message .

Opening Celebration

BRANDSWAGR imported and laser engraved ceremonial Masu Sake cups to commemorate the opening of new offices in Portland. The cups were used as part of the Kagami biraki ceremony, celebrating new beginnings or opening of a new venture. The Masu cup was an employee memento.

Custom Design

Our client wanted to give power banks to key constituents. Power banks are difficult to keep track of, especially the charging cord. BRANDSWAGR solved the problem and greatly enhanced the positive perception of the gift by designing a custom leather pouch to hold the power bank and cord.

Being LSO?

What does that mean? BRANDSWAGR created a communication campaign identifying the three areas of concern at LSO: Health; Safety; Customer Satisfaction. Concept, design, and a positive recognition program were put in place with images communicating the behaviors desired. Imprinted caps, t-shirts, and drink-ware were the tools used to acknowledge positive areas in the three categories.


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