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Where the Intangibles meet up with the Tangibles for some creative fun.

Prolific Pondering. Daydreaming. Loose, unstructured thinking. Just let it flow.
Throw in a healthy appreciation for the irregular, an eye for the odd, and we're off to a good start.
Then, we let the facts hit the fan. Adapt and distill. Conceptual clashes.
Where creative thinking collides in an epic struggle for supremacy.
Is it on message? Is it on budget? Is it on brand?
Then—lift off!

6666’s Cowboy Code of Ethics

Legendary Brand. Legendary Values.

Since 1870, the famous Four Sixes Ranch has built a legacy leading the way in all ranching aspects while preserving the cowboy’s code of ethics. With the recent success of the TV hit series Yellowstone, the Four Sixes Ranch’s visibility has grown, and so has its need for high-quality brand merchandise reflecting the very nature of the brand. BrandSwagR created the Four Sixes Decanter Set, among other merchandise items, with each core value deep-etched into the glasses.

Dirt, Turf, & Swag

Let your customers “get all touchy and feely” with your product.

RS3 TURF, a big hitter in the athletic field construction industry, hired us to design and build a high-profile product presentation demo kit. BRANDSWAGR designed the package to house a souvenir baseball cap, turf sample, six product samples placed into childproof, UV-protected containers. To top it off, an autographed baseball from Hall of Famer, Nolan Ryan. Packaging was also designed to ship to clients when a face-to-face presentation was not possible.

Honor the Humble Tomato

We focus on the smallest detail, right down to our love affair with the tomato.

BRANDSWAGR created a concept that romanticized the unspoken hero of the foodservice business—the humble tomato. In addition to creative copywriting, we designed and built a custom handmade ceramic bowl as a serving bowl. Each bowl was hand-painted so no two bowls were exactly alike. The custom package also included three of their Chef’s favorite recipes honoring the humble tomato.

Masu Sake Cup for Sipping

Warm rich amber stream. What vessel holds this loved pour? Wooden Sake’ cup.

To celebrate the grand opening of Tokyo Electron’s new building in Portland, we developed a concept around a traditional Kagami biraki ceremony, celebrating change or new beginnings.

For the event, we imported and laserengraved the traditional Masu Sake cup as a memento of the event and to allow employees to participate in the ceremony of tapping the barrel and toasting the opening with a sip of Sake.

A Copper Ticket Keeper

Hats off to your loyal fans. Keep them at the center of the celebration.

The Round Rock Express Baseball organization hired us to create a 20th-anniversary memento for their original season ticket holders who were also sharing in this milestone event.

We designed and crafted a commemorative copper ticket commemorating several iconic symbols of The Express. Included was a statue of Hall of Famer, Nolan Ryan, along with his autograph, Dell Diamond, and the 20th-anniversary logo developed for this event. The Section, Row, and Seat numbers were also key moments in the history of the Round Rock Express.

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