channel promotions

A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link.

Channel Distributions Campaigns

Strong channels reinforce strong brands.

Holding onto a customer has never been harder…or more important. If the path your product or service takes to reach your customer has a weak link, your brand suffers. Keeping your distribution partners motivated is vital to the emotional connection your ultimate customer has to your brand.

BRANDSWAGR has developed many creative and effective down-channel promotions to insure your brand is first and foremost in your re-seller's mind. We’ve done it by blending creative thinking, communications, and branded merchandise to motivate and support your brand through channels.

BRANDSWAGR has developed campaigns for major manufacturers in industrial product, technology, and retail markets. We have also worked with franchise organizations to support and build a global brand on a local level. Truly, one of the most difficult issues facing franchise organizations in an ultra-competitive marketplace.

Our online store platform is an excellent tool for managing those channels. Let’s talk about how BRANDSWAGR can support your channel strategy.

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