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Where "controlling promotional spend" and "building brand value" live in perfect harmony.

Online Company Stores

We're all about controlling promotional spend. We're also into building the integrity of your brand.

In many cases, our customers employ our online catalog technology to control promotional spend, streamline the purchasing process, and provide budget controls across multiple departments, typically decentralized with no single department owning fiscal responsibility or oversight for branded merchandise.

Our technology partners allow BRANDSWAGR to offer the very best online software solutions available, so we have your "back-end" to speak.

However, your brand is worthy of equal consideration. You have invested an enormous amount of time, money, and energy building your brand. The failure to utilize technology tools to maintain brand integrity, implement the creative and promotional efforts of you marketing department through channels, to support brand communities, and to administer multiple culture and employee engagement programs ignores the true value of BRANDSWAGR's expertise and our technology partners.

Contact us to arrange a demonstration of our creative approach to building brand value, while maintaining fiscal control of your promotional spend.

Below are some highlighted features of our technology solutions.

Mobile Friendly

All our company stores sites are completely responsive, provding a constant viewing experience across a wide variety of devices. Your employees, channel partners, and other departments using our company store platform have access from almost anywhere.


Corporate Programs

BRANDSWAGR's company store platform supports a wide variety of company programs including: departmental promotional spend; reward & recognition; channel partner/re-seller co-branding; enhancing brand communities; consumer promotions; point systems; customer promotions; internal wellness; and brand integrity management. All programs can be managed and administered from a single company store.

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