building brand champions

It's not just values. It's the extensive sharing of them that makes a difference.

Building Brand Champions

Our belief is if you get the culture right, delivering great customer service, building a long-term enduring brand, and business itself…just gets simpler. Brand champions are the outcome.

Branded merchandise extends your company message by more concretely connecting potential brand advocates with the brand’s ideology through a blend of creatively developed communication messages and a well thought out plan for utilizing meaningful promotional products in the workplace. Engaging employees in a brand’s meaning and purpose, as well as the creative thinking behind it, is one of the best investments a company can make in its team. Organizational development consultants know long-term success is directly influenced by the way employees share in their company’s culture – its values, stories, symbols, and heroes – and how its philosophy relates back to them.

BRANDSWAGR will help you construct a Brand Persona Brief , develop a compelling brand message, and arm your employees and all stakeholders with the right symbolic communication tools to better prepare them to advocate for your brand and become your best brand champions.

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