our philosophy

Winning hearts and minds through creative brand merchandise strategies.

Who We Are. What We Stand For.

Most companies send you scores of product ideas, special deals, or simply provide catalogs for you to choose items. However, what’s really important here? It’s the message: the strategy and conceptual thinking behind the idea you need to communicate.

At BRANDSWAGR, only the best creative thinking survives. We take abstract thoughts, make them tangible, and pair them with other ideas, changing light and arrangement until the big picture comes into focus. Then we expand the concept, develop the creative strategy, and then build the products to communicate the idea.

The time we spend with you collaborating on your brand voice and distilling your message makes our approach more valuable to you. We are fixators on detail and flawless execution, connecting quality brand merchandise from our key partners to the marketing strategy we help you tailor to suit your exceptional brand needs.

In our business, everyone has access to thousands of products. Our goal is to provide creativity and clarity in an industry clouded with complexity and confusion with too many products, too many vendors, and too little understanding and insight in connecting your brand merchandise to your brand strategy. We’ve done it many times before…we can do it for you now.

What We Believe

  • The power of the imagination to see all the possibilities—thinking outside the box is fun.
  • Embracing inherent constraints—thinking inside the box. It is hard work, but is the most rewarding and is necessary for creating real solutions.
  • Making the simple complicated is easy. Making the complicated simple...that's creative thinking.
  • Creative turbulence—proves we are passionate about our ideas, willing to defend them, and it allows the best ideas to rise to the top.
  • Collaboration is the basis for all innovation—and joy.
  • New ideas and new thinking often exists on the fringe of our organization. We must constantly look outside our own walls.
  • The power of curious observation: just watching people—how they conduct themselves and the words they choose give you quick sense of what is, or is not happening.
  • Taking time to think—about nothing in particular. Just let it flow!
  • The inevitability of perpetual change: providing process and planning to guide our actions, while understanding that we operate in a dynamic marketplace where flexibility and adaptability pay huge dividends.
  • K.I.S.S.—"Keep It Simple Stupid"—also stands for "Know If Something Sucks."
  • Know thyself—then get comfortable with it. Be true to yourself.

Key Awards & Recognition

  • Multiple Gold Pyramid Awards for Creativity and Effective Brand Merchandise Campaigns
  • Silver Spur Award-Most Innovative Internal Communication Program in Texas
  • 3M Worldwide Excellence Award for Outstanding Internal Communications Program
  • Best of Community Banking Gold Award for Promotional Marketing Campaign
  • Governor’s Environmental Impact Award for Discovery Pak Campaign
  • Multiple International Exhibit Awards for Creative Trade Show Promotions

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