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High Altitude Behavior Involves Trust...Make Trust a HABIT!

Culture Development

Your employees daily experiences shape their beliefs about you and your company. In turn, those beliefs influence their actions, whether positively or negatively, and your company’s success or failure is directly determined by those actions. Getting everyone on board to ensure the customers brand experience aligns with company strategy and your brand promise is vital to creating a strong and sustainable brand. Plus, your company will just run smoother.

Promotional products can be a valuable communication tool in motivating a high-performance workforce and developing a culture that supports the brand promise. We accomplish this in two ways:

First, we combine your Brand Persona Brief and our MAPS’s philosophy to communicate the essences of your brand—what it means and what it stands for. We do this in a way that engages your employees so they understand and embrace the brand. Then, we help you focus on the key behaviors you want to see and match those goals to reward, recognition, and positive reinforcement strategies to construct an internal culture that is motivated each and every day to deliver the customer experience promised. We build those programs from top-down and peer-to-peer.

BRANDSWAGR has an excellent track record for developing behavioral communication campaigns by combining promotional products and creative and organizational thinking with strong messaging content.

We are happy to present examples of custom campaigns we have built:

Ascent—Creating a Culture of Climbers;

Row It! Navigating the Ceaseless River of Change;

Be Safe: It’s Right for You...and Me.

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