Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy is about Choices, Commitment, and Courage.

1. Brand Strategy is about making choices and not compromise.

It's about distillation (think moonshine here): going wide and deep in thought, analysis, and creativity, then making firm decisions about what to keep and what to leave out. The more accurate, the more concise...the better the brand.

2. Brand Strategy is about committing to the basic values you are trying to deliver to people.

Today, people aren't attracted to just more stuff. They are attracted to and desirous of more stuff with imbued purpose and meaning. This is the fundamental difference between a commodity and a brand.

3. Brand Strategy is about the courage to be different than your competition.

If everyone is going to the same place, saying the same things, looking and behaving the same, it causes people to choose on price. You know you are on the "journey of different" if you have the courage to choose differentiators that supersede the industry itself.

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