brand communities

Building loyalty and advocacy at the intersection of "seekers and believers."

Brand Communities

One of the biggest motivators for people is a sense of connection--to be part of something greater than themselves. Brand merchandise can support the brand community journey from functional, to social, to emotional, as new customers interact with loyal customers in an authentic dialog that creates a solid brand connection.

85% of consumers do business with companies they have received branded merchandise from.

BRANDSWAGR uses promotional products to strengthen existing communities and to provide cohesiveness and engagement in building new communities. We can provide the structure, strategy, and tools to champion your brand in a navigable way. Your branded merchandise remains consistent and controlled, ensuring the messaging is coherent and unfailing. An online brand merchandise store is a valuable tool, allowing brand advocates to champion your brand with licensed merchandise.

Brand community members buy more, remain loyal, and reduce marketing costs through grassroots evangelism.

BRANDSWAGR makes embracing brands a welcomed event through the creative use of branded merchandise.

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