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Let the good times roll...with a great brand merchandise strategy.

Craft Brewery Presentation.

Brand merchandise plays a tremendous role in creating the perfect brand experience for craft breweries. From providing beer mugs for on premise consumption and a nice souvenir to packaging set-ups for flight tastings and merchandise that patrons can purchase for their very own beer tasting events with friends and neighbors.

Providing the perfect brand experience on premise and extending that experience into the social environment builds community and offers word of mouth to build your brands value.

beer set
wine glass

Etched Glassware and Crystal.

Whether you are a Winery, Craft Brewery, or Spirits Distiller, BRANDSWAGR provides a wide range of stemware, cocktail glasses, or beer mugs to promote your brand. We offer a excellent variety gift items, sets, and accessories for purchase at your location, or we can build an online store allowing your customers access to a broad range of branded merchandise your can offer.

Moscow Mule.
Old Fashioned.
A Pint. Or, A Shot.

Regardless of the spirits you are into, we have a brand merchandise offering that will work for you. Decorated glassware not only highlights your brand, but allows your customer to be reminded of the experience, share it with friends, and champion your business.

There is a whole world of accessories that can carry your brand, so call us and let's explore some possibilities.

wine box

Custom Packaging

Whether you are introducing a new product or commemorating a milestone, a unique package creates an element of importance, It sends the message that the cargo in the presentation box is valuable, and allows loyal customers to promote to friends or give as a gift.

We offer a full line of presentation boxes from wrapped chipboard to fine woods. Call us to help create your next presentation.


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