video brochures

The power to tell your story in print, audio, and video in one solution. Do it.

Video Brochures

Whether your story is dramatic, historical, purposeful, or just a bit complicated, the ability to appeal to more senses brings your story alive and is more vividly imagined. Employee messages, customer testimonials take on more significance. Processes and models become easier to communicate. Core values and purpose have more meaning and impact.

Our video brochures utilize the most current ISP screen technology to produce spectacular, high definition videos on screen sizes from 2.5" to 10" diagonal, with capactity up to 16GB. The brochures themselves are four color process printing on high quality, hardcover, 350 gram Copper paper stock. With the charging cord (included), you can even upload videos and pictures directly from your computer.

Seeing is believing. CLICK HERE for more information or to see a sample.



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