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To win "hearts and minds", start at the top.

Caps of Distinction

Caps have proven to be the go to "top of mind" promotional tool in the industry. The "gimme cap" is almost the descriptive term for this brand merchandise category. BRANDSWAGR has a wide selection of trucker style caps for you to choose from. However, a gimme cap on the golf course, or in the hunting lodge may not be the best cap for the customer.

BRANDSWAGR represents some of the finest headwear brands in the industry, like AHEAD, Imperial, Richardson, and Nike. We also represent GameGuard and other camouflage products for the hunter customer.

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Cap Decoration

Caps offer a broad range of decoration techniques apart from the more traditional flat embroidery. Three-Dimensional embroidery is the most used, but blending thread adds a special touch to the process, Other techniques include rubber die-cut emblems, as in the Vintage example, or multi-color imprints on felt like the Summit Rock example. Your imprint can be emblazoned almost anywhere on any of our stock inventory of headwear. These are just a few examples of the decoration techniques we can combine to promote your brand.

"Customer Designed"

If having dozens of decoration options doesn't get you where you want to be, we will work with you to design a cap that is exclusively yours. And, you don't have to produce thousands and wait forever to receive them.

Structure variations on stock caps lines and multiple decoration techniques begin in quantities as low as 144. For a completely custom design cap that begins in the concept stage and reflects the unique qualities of your company, BRANDSWAGR can go from "mind to manufactured" in quantities as low as 288. Production schedules vary, but from approval of final concept designs to shipping your customer caps can ship in approximately 30 to 60 days. In that process, we can also private label to develop your own brand...for your brand merchandise.


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