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Journal Books

Each message you communicate to your customer is critically important in both content...and intent. If your intentions are to communicate a message of authenticity, craftsmanship, or a hands-on, personal attention to detail, you might require a journal hand-crafted from the very best raw leather, hand-sewn with Irish-waxed linen, with hand-pressed paper. Every word your client writes on the page will feel authentic, will reflect who they are, and will last a lifetime. Each journal is laser-etched with precision detail of your brand message. BRANDSWAGR can even custom manufacture to your exact expectations.

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Explore the possibilities

If compelling content is required to tell your story, or provide detailed product information you may choose a journal book that can effectively deliver the content you desire, utilizing graphic images, high quality photography, even accessing the power of digital media through embedded links to your website or special video content. The "internet of things" is well embedded in the branded merchandise industry.

BRANDSWAGR has the creative talent to help you embed your brand into the most strategically appropriate branded merchandise tools to build brand value.

Shinola Brand.
Detroit Built.

American made journals produced using paper sourced from sustainable managed American forests. Linen hard cover American-made journals featuring smyth sewn binding—a superior binding technique that greatly improves overall durability and extends the lifespan of the journal, while enabling the pages to lie perfectly flat.

  • 192 Off-White, Lined, Archival Quality Pages
  • Bookmark Ribbon
  • Elastic Band Closure
  • Gusseted Back Envelope
  • Customized Tip-In Pages and Belly Bands

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