"Comfort food for the soul" in the brand merchandise industry.

Cool, Casual, & Confident

Hoodies are "the" attitude garment in the apparel category. It makes a bold statement about who you are...and what you are about. It is truly the "comfort food for your soul". So, if your brand culture happens to be cool, casual, and confident, then the hoodie is the right tool for you.

In today's brand merchandise world there is a wide variety of choices that speak directly to your brand persona. If we don't find a style that suits you, we'll build one for you.

sitting on a bench
orange jacket

Custom Manufactured

If your unique brand persona suggests a new and refreshing approach, BRANDSWAGR will work with you to design and manufacture a garment that reflects your unique brand attributes. It's fun. It's creative. And, it's uniquely you.


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